Business Environment

Companies located on site profit from the active technology transfer available thanks to the work of independent research bodies connected to industrial research and whose output ultimately makes its way to industrial application.

For university graduates aiming to start a  hightech business, the Lower Austrian start-up service Accent is there to help; active entrepreneurs seeking assistance, advice and support may turn to the RIZ (Regional Innovation Center).

Immediately after the establishment and opening of the ecoplus Business Park Wiener Neustadt in 1988, the RIZ followed with its own on-site innovation center. Area for settlement was provided by ecoplus and nova city.

The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt was founded back in 1994 and in immediate proximity to the TFZ. Back then, universities of applied sciences were new educational concepts in Austria, and Wiener Neustadt became the country's first and eventually largest institution of its kind. United on one campus are the various disciplines engineering, healthcare, business, security and sports management. Over 7,100 students are enrolled at one of the University locations – Wiener Neustadt, Tulln and Wieselburg.

It is rare that so many different research areas can be represented in one place like they are in Wiener Neustadt. A high-tech location with increasing significance, with five major areas of technology and research which ideally connect the TFZ to the University of Applied Sciences, competence centers and other research facilities – and all are within walking distance of each other. Close collaboration with leading companies of the region, availability of additional settlement space and adaptability according to individual tenant needs are additional advantages of the location. The grounds of nova city and ecoplus Business Park are directly adjacent to the TFZ and round out this ideal environment.