The TFZ – Technology and Research Center Wiener Neustadt




The Technology and Research Center Wiener Neustadt, or TFZ, is the heart of the Technopol Wiener Neustadt. Here, approx. 1,500 jobs are found in tech fields, of these are approx. 560 in research. Chiefs areas of R&D focus at the four COMET-competence centers (for tribology, electrochemistry and microsystems technology, OptiBiomat) located here are in the area of medical and materials technologies:

  • materials
  • tribology (friction, wear, lubrication)
  • medical technology
  • sensory technology and actuators
  • surfaces.

Learn more about the various research facilities located here, including AC²T; CEST; ACMIT; Fotec, the research subsidiary of the University of Applied Sciences; the ZISS, or Center for Integrated Sensor Systems; the Biomedical Systems unit of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology; the surface technology department of the ofi Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology; and the companies who have settled at the TFZ. This high-tech location is not only geographically close – within walking distance, in fact – to leading companies of the region and the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, but is also closely linked on a scientific level by way of cooperation and joint projects. Ample space for company settlement also enhances the attractiveness of the TFZ.

Please visit the News/Important Dates section of our website (available in German only) for news as well as information about special services offered by the TFZ.