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K2 Center
Dr. Andreas Pauschitz
Managing Director
Dr. Nicole Dörr
Dr. Ewald Badisch
Scientific Head
Ph.: +43-2622-81600-0
AC²T is a private sector research facility active in interdisciplinary, pre-competitive research focused on the areas of Lubricants & Interface Mechanisms Wear Processes & Protection, Friction Surface Phenomena & Tribodiagnostic,Computation & Experimental Simulation.

Nikolaus Dellantoni,
Managing Director
Gernot Kronreif
Scientific Director
Ph.: +43-2622-22859-0


ACMIT is a translational research center and develops instruments, sensors, microoptics, medical robots and training systems for minimally invasive interventions. They contribute to reduced trauma, improved efficiency and increased safety of diagnosis and treatment. As a K1 Center in Austria’s COMET Program it is supported by public funding and provides R&D services to medical technology companies.

Dr. Norbert Gamsjäger
Ph.: +43-2622-90550-50

Aerospace & Advanced Composites was founded in 2010 as a spin-off of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. In addition to work carried out at its company headquarters in Seibersdorf, the privately-held AAC has been a tenant at the TFZ since the summer of 2012.
Business Unit: Biomedical Systems
Manfred Bammer, MAS
Department Head
Ph.:+43-(0)50 550-ext. 4801
In cooperation with clinical and medical partners, Biomedical Systems – a business unit of the Health & Environment Department of the Austrian Institute of Technology – offers research services for the health-care sector as well as the healthcare industry in order to create biomedical technologies and innovations for the industry.
Main areas of research are Cardiovascular & Biomedical Applications and HomeCare & Solutions.
Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Schalkhammer
Managing Director
Ph.: +43-2622-23495
Attophotonics main areas of activity include R&D and production in nanotechnology as well as in core fields of surface technologies. Using its proprietary technologies, it produces unique nano layers and nano colors without the use of pigments.
COMET K1 Center
Aleksander Balatka
Managing Director
Ph.: +43-2622-22266-ext. 10
CEST is Austria‘s Competence Center for Electrochemical Surface Technologies. As a pioneer and hothouse for innovation, it acts as an interface between science and industry. Focus of scientific and technical activities at the CEST competence center is surfaces with specific, customized attributes produced using electrochemical methods.
Dr. Silvie Leeb
Managing Director
Ph.: +43-2622-84608
Mobile: +43-(0)664-32 56 210
Professional support for companies with a concentration in the following areas:
1. Human resources development
2. Establishment and support of cooperation between firms.
Priv. Doz. Dr. Hubert Brückl
Head of the Institute
Ph.: +43-2622-23420-0
The Institute for Integrated Sensor Systems is devoted to basic, yet application-oriented research. Its objective is to investigate concepts and methodologies for smart sensors, their design, interconnection, and application. Research is concentrated on systemic aspects.
Gerhard Schmid
Authorised Signatory ecoplus, Managing Director TFZ GmbH
Rainer Gotsbacher, MSc
Technopol Manager
Ph.: +43-2622-82324-ext.10
Mobile: +43-(0)664-84 82 6 84
As the business agency of Lower Austria, ecoplus is the interface between business and policy makers, companies and government authorities, investors and initiators of regional projects. As a provider of services, ecoplus functions on both national and international levels. The focus of activities has always been on the development of Lower Austria as a business location and the support of companies.
Plastics Cluster (KC) &
Mechatronics Cluster (MC)

Harald Bleier
Cluster Manager
Ph.: +43-2622-82324- ext . 10
The offices of both the Plastics Cluster and Mechatronics Cluster (abbreviated as KC and MC, respectively) of Lower Austria may also be found at the TFZ. These clusters are cross-sector networks for their respective industries, spanning both Lower and Upper Austria and supported in equal measure by the business agencies TMG of Upper Austria and ecoplus of Lower Austria.

DI Dr. Alexander Reissner
CEO, Founder
Ph: +43 2622 4170121

ENPULSION GmbH is a spin-off of FOTEC GmbH that sells electric ion drives ("FEEP Thruster") based on non-toxic indium fuel. These are based on a development for ESA missions whose further development also accommodates the trend of satellite miniaturization. They are suitable both for precise attitude control (Attitude Control) and for the change of the orbit up to an orbital transfer.
Dr. Gerhard Hawa
CEO, Founder
Ph.: +43-2622-27514
Serum biomarkers, i.e. biological molecules circulating in the blood of patients, which amounts change in response to diseases, are an essential part of modern medical science. They are used in clinical research to gather data about disease progression, risk estimates of certain populations and evaluate the efficacy of new therapies.
Helmut Loibl, MSc
Managing Director
Ph.: +43-2622-90333-0
FOTEC Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH is the research company of the Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences, founded in 1998. FOTEC initiates research, technology and innovation projects and supports Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences in implementing its R & D strategy for its bachelor's and master's courses.

Dr. Michael Vogele
Managing Director
Ph.: +43 (0) 664 2411140


The core competence of iSYS Medizintechnik GmbH is the development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of computerized assistance systems and equipment for real-time guidance of instruments within the gantry of the imaging process. Since March 2013 iSYS is a new tenant in the TFZ Wiener Neustadt.
Martin Jahn
Ph.: +43-(0)660-6049528
catering, gastronomy

Andrea Tamchina
Ph.: +43-676-6981839

Laborie bistro & café
Whether for a quick midday break or business lunch, the relaxed, cozy atmosphere of Laborie is the perfect place to enjoy innovative and light cuisine. Individual business menus, numerous coffee specialties, catering in the TFZ and ample parking make it the perfect place to meet for a meal.
Otto Perny
Christian Albert
Managing Director
Ph.: +43-2622-21601
Lebenshilfe Lower Austria is an interest group working on behalf of the mentally and physically disabled. The organization originated as a self-help group and it continues to devote itself to lobbying for the rights of the disabled and their integration in society. Lebenshilfe Lower Austria's headquarters are located at the TFZ.
Ute Zimmermann
Ph.: +43-(0)660-5561900
The NAKU company - the German acronym stands for "Natural Plastics, "or organic plastics - devotes itself to technologies utilizing natural renewable materials to produce plastics. By making these materials available to all its clients - small, medium - sized enterprises but not so large - NAKU Allows them to exploit these pioneering, environmentally -sound technologies for their own innovative projects.
Kurt Renauer
Managing Director
Ph.: +43-664-1541589
Renauer is specialized as an all-round service provider for small and medium-sized businesses. Its service offer includes initial assessment of IT needs, planning, implementation and maintenance of their clients' entire IT network.

Robert Plhak, B.A. (CEO)
Tel.: +43-2622-930-81102 

SKYLINE Aviation is a private jet charter broker and sales agent. Charter broker: SKYLINE Aviation organizes charter flights with private jets, scheduled flights and propeller aircraft for the B2B and B2C sectors. The company seeks out the right aircraft with the best cost-benefit ratio. Sales agent: As a sales partner for private jet owners and charter flight companies, SKYLINE Aviation handles professional sales of aircraft for its partners.
Christian Csank
Managing Director
Ph.: +43-2622-32013-0

Founded in 2004, SOREX Wireless Solutions specializes in electronic access management systems based on wireless technologies and smartphone applications.
Sari Süleyman
Managing Director
Tel.: +43-676-410 63 30
SSIT Solutions provides high-quality solutions in the areas of IT security, with focus on server security and availability (Exchange and SharePoint servers), as well as video surveillance solutions. SSIT Solutions range from IT security assessment to selection and purchase of both hardware and software, and of course include maintenance, repair and other after-sales services.
Gerhard Schmid
Managing Director
Ph.: +43-02622-82324-ext.10
Founded in 1994 as "TZU Ges.m.b.H," and now renamed "TFZ GmbH", the TFZ remains true to its original mission: the establishment, maintenance and operation of a technology center in Wiener Neustadt. The ecoplus holding company (ecoplus Beteiligungs GmbH) has a 74.9% stake and the ifp (Immobilien Freizeit Parken Wiener Neustadt GmbH) holds a 25.10% stake in the company.